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minnesota cremationAre you considering a Minnesota cremation - either to designate for yourself, or for a loved one? You are not alone in considering cremation - Minnesota has one of the highest rates of cremation. Minnesotans appreciate the fact that a cremation in Minnesota can cost less (anywhere from less than 1/2 the price of a traditional funeral - to free with a University of Minnesota Cremation if your donate your body), and many are looking at cremation as a "greener" choice.

However, cremation is not something that Minnesotans talk about. There are a lot of questions to answer before you can feel comfortable making the decision to sign up for a Minnesota cremation - or, as the next of kin, to decide to cremate a loved one in Minnesota. 

Some Minnesota Cremation question areas:

  • what are the laws for cremation - Minnesota and in general
  • what are some typical cremation costs in Minnesota
  • what types of urns for ashes are available
  • where can you get decorative urns for ashes
  • how do you specify in advance that you would like to be cremated in Minnesota
  • how do you dispose of the cremation ashes in Minnesota
  • what is the cremation process in Minnesota
  • what is the history of cremation - Minnesota, America and the world
  • what's in the news for Minnesota cremation
  • what are people's experiences and opinions about cremation

It is for you - or your loved ones - to decide if you want to be cremated. Do you want to be buried, 6 foot under, and let nature slowly take over your body. Or - do you want to be cremated and go up in a brilliant flame - transcended immediately.

Hopefully, this will be a place not only to understand cremation, but to understand the best steps to arrange a cremation in Minnesota.

Peruse our growing assortment of questions about cremations in Minnesota. If you don't find the answer - just ask your questions about cremation in Minnesota - or in general.

We will also be adding various cremation news updates, as well as a blog about Minnesota cremation information to keep you up to date. Read more »

What does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost? sticky icon

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Simply Cremation By Gill Brothers

Simply Cremation Pricing

The "Simply Cremation Plan" or "affordable cremation" is an affordable cremation option offered by Minnesota through various established  time-honored and time tested funeral homes in the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro area. Read more »

I want my family to know that I want to be cremated when I pass away. How do I go about this so it is in writing and that they will follow my wishes? Should I do this in a legal document and if so, how?

I want my family to know that I want to be cremated when I pass away.  How do I go about this so it is in writing and that they will follow my wishes?  Should I do this in a legal document and if so, how? Read more »

What is a Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota?

You hear about organizations like a Cremation Society of Minnesota all the time. Is a Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota a non-profit organization? Should I contact them for my cremation needs? Read more »

Are there any Minnesota laws regarding urns for ashes?

As of this writing, there appear to be no Minnesota laws stipulating what types of urns for ashes are applicable - so the sky is the limit for  your cremation ashes. Read more »

Minnesota cremation costs - what is typical?

The cost of cremation is one of the major advantages of a Minnesota cremation. If you choose cremation, Minnesota cremation costs can be 1/2 the cost of a regular services.  The Cremation Society of Minnesota or any other licensed funeral home such as Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services can help arrange a simple memorial service, a life celebration, a traditional funeral followed by a cremation or any military or veteran's service. Read more »

Is a Minnesota license required for the cremation process?

Yes. Nobody can cremate a human without a license from the Minnesota commissioner of health.  See the Minnesota statute on cremation - Minnesota. Read more »

What are the Minnesota laws regarding who can decide on cremation?

According to  Minnesota cremation laws, the person who has the right to determine whether to cremate or not  is the person designated in the decedent's will or other written instrument, such as a health care directive. But, what if there is nothing written? Read more »

What should I know about scattering the cremation ashes in Minnesota?

There appears to be no Minnesota laws regarding scattering the cremation ashes on private property.  Read more »

Can more than one body be cremated during the Minnesota cremation process?

No. During cremation, Minnesota laws stipulate that only one body at a time can be cremated. Read more »

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"Simply Cremation" Pricing - a low-cost cremation alternative.

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