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Cremation in MNAre you considering a cremation - either to designate for yourself, or for a loved one? You are not alone in considering cremation - Minnesota has one of the highest rates of cremation. Minnesotans appreciate the fact that a cremation in Minnesota can cost less (anywhere from less than 1/2 the price of a traditional funeral - to free if you donate your body to the University of Minnesota for research. Plus,many are looking at cremation as a "greener" choice.

However, cremation is not something that Minnesotans talk about. There are a lot of questions to answer before you can feel comfortable making the decision to sign up for a  cremation - or, as the next of kin, to decide to cremate a loved one in Minnesota.  Read more »

What does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost? sticky icon

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Simply Cremation By Gill Brothers

Simply Cremation Pricing

The "Simply Cremation Plan" or "affordable cremation" is an affordable cremation option offered by Minnesota through various established  time-honored and time tested funeral homes in the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro area. Read more »

Can my family change a written directive about cremation?

We received a question about a written directive with cremation wishes:

 I would like to know if I have a written directive on file at a funeral home stating I want to be cremated, can my family change that after my death?

Good question - there are many that want to ensure their final wishes are carried out - including their wishes for burial or cremation.

According to Minnesota cremation law: Read more »

What are the laws for spreading ashes in Park Point, Duluth and Two Harbors Lighthouse?

Scatter ashes Park Point 2 Harbors in Minnesota

A new Minnesota Cremation question was asked:

Both of my parents were born in the Duluth area. I would like to know the laws pertaining to spreading their ashes. My mom wanted to have her ashes spread on Park Point, I would like to spread my dad near the Two Harbors Lighthouse:

What are some overall costs and considerations for a full burial vs. cremation?

When we pass away there will be choices that our family or friends have to make. Having knowledge in advance can save them time, energy, and trouble in their time of sadness. Here’s some information you need to know about the costs of full burial vs. cremation that can help you make informed decisions.

Some of the information provided: Read more »

Is resurrection possible if cremated remains are scattered?

In most popular religions today, there is the belief of some kind of resurrection of the body. While some believe that cremation will prevent the body from resurrection due to the scattering of ashes across a larger areas, some view cremation as a way of speeding up the process of decay and returning the body back to the earth where it has cycled years before people came into existence.

This is an interesting article that discusses the challenges and moral considerations of cremation. Read more »

How to put cremation wishes in writing

I want my family to know that I want to be cremated when I pass away.  How do I go about this so it is in writing and that they will follow my wishes?  Should I do this in a legal document and if so, how?

Are organizations like Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota non-profit organizations?

You hear about organizations like a Cremation Society of Minnesota all the time. Are these organizations non-profit organizations? Read more »

Are there any Minnesota laws regarding urns for ashes?

As of this writing, there appear to be no Minnesota laws stipulating what types of urns for ashes are applicable - so the sky is the limit for  your cremation ashes. Read more »

Cremation costs in Minnesota - what is typical?

Cremation cost is one of the reasons why Minnesotans choose cremation. For, cremation costs can be 1/2 the cost of a regular services in Minnesota.  The Cremation Society of Minnesota or any other licensed funeral home such as Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services can help arrange a simple memorial service, a life celebration, a traditional funeral followed by a cremation or any military or veteran's service. Read more »

Simply Cremation: the affordable no-frills cremation

Low cost cremation

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