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Cremation Costs

Cremation Costs: What to Consider

Cremation CostsCremation costs can vary depending on the services you select.  To protect you against hidden costs, Minnesota - and the  FTC (Federal Trade Commission) -  stipulate that you must have all funeral and cremation costs itemized.
Generally, the cost for cremation is less than the cost of a traditional funeral.  Some variables to consider:

  • Funeral costs: you might decide to have a funeral before the cremation. Many often have their remains casketed in a a rental or ceremonial casket with a visitation and or a funeral service prior to the cremation process according to Daniel McGraw from Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Casket costs: A cremation does not require a casket. However, some sort of rigid container is required by Minnesota law. funeral homes and crematories have inexpensive options, such as fiberboard, wood or rental caskets for this.  
  • Urns for ashes: although you will be provided with a cremation ash receptacle, you may want to purchase an urn for ashes to provide a beautiful memorial. These urns can cost anywhere from less than $20 to thousands of dollars.
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