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Cremation Process

The cremation process must be done by an approved crematory, according to Minnesota laws. The laws stipulate that the crematory must meet all state and local codes, laws, and environmental standards. The laws also put an emphasis on the privacy and dignity of the remains.

During the cremation process, the body is put into a container such as the one in the picture, and then put into a crematory at temperatures of 1600-1800 degrees. This cremation process generally takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on the body size.

After the cremation process, all that remains are dry, lighter gray, bone fragments. These cremation remains are then pulverized to provide the cremation ashes. Although not officially ashes, the color and texture look similar to ashes.

After grinding is complete, the ashes are put into a box or urn. The ashes can then be kept in various urns for ashes, can be buried, or can be sprinkled on private land (with the owner's permission) or public land, if the jurisdiction allows it.

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