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Cremation Costs: Related Questions and Answers

Do I need a cremation society for cremations and cremation pre-planning?

We have gotten several questions about cremation societies, as there seems to be some confusion about whether you need to use a cremation society for cremations and pre-planning.

Cremation societies started as for-profit organizations

Originally, cremation societies were formed in the 1800's to educate and promote cremation since, at that time, cremations were not culturally accepted.

Now, though, cremation is widely accepted. So, the cremation societies evolved from non-profit societies promoting cremation to for-profit businesses which provide cremations and cremation pre-planing, once you pay membership dues to join.

Cremation Societies are now for-profit businesses

As an example, The Cremation Society of Minnesota is owned by the Waterston Funeral Home, a private funeral home in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

And, the Neptune Society, a national cremation society, is a subsidiary of the for-profit "Service Corporation International". SCI is the world's largest funeral corporation, owns more than 1,500 funeral homes and cemeteries, and has a revenue of more than $2.2 billion.

According to a Business Week article, SCI's size does not relate to savings to the consumer, though. They found that "Nationally, SCI charges $3,396 on average for a cremation with memorial service—30 percent more than independently owned rivals".

Now, all licensed funeral homes offer cremation services

In Minnesota, all licensed funeral homes offer cremation pre-planning and cremation. So, your options are very open when searching for cremation services.

Most funeral homes in Minnesota, such as Gill Brothers, also offers you the ability to pre-plan your funeral, including pre-planning your cremation and low cost direct cremation (cremation-only) services.

As with anything, we encourage you to do your homework, as there are many variables when it comes to cremation, such as whether you want a viewing first, and whether you want a service. So, please contact us with any questions you have.

What are some overall costs and considerations for a full burial vs. cremation?

When we pass away there will be choices that our family or friends have to make. Having knowledge in advance can save them time, energy, and trouble in their time of sadness. Here’s some information you need to know about the costs of full burial vs. cremation that can help you make informed decisions.

Some of the information provided:

  • the number of cremations and burials during the last 50 years which shows how the rate of cremation is going up as the number of burials is going down
  • what relgions allow cremations and what religions allow burial
  • a cost analysis of cremaiton vs. burial

Read the full article here:
Full Burial vs. Cremation: An Infographic on Cost Analysis

What is the cost of cremation, and do you need a membership?

An interesting question was posted about the cost of cremation:

I was on Cremation Society of MN today and received costs for a standard cremation plus the membership costs. I now have 2 questions:

  1. How does your price compare to theirs?
  2. Do I have to become a member with yours?

We are glad you asked! The answers are:

  1. We have a Simply Cremation plan for a cost of $1300.  Please feel free to view our Simply Cremation costs and options page for more details.
  2. No - you do not need to become a member.

Keep in mind that Minnesota cremation societies are licensed, for-profit funeral homes (like all cremation societies in the US). Gill Brothers funeral homes are also licensed funeral homes. So, you are able to get all of the options offered from cremation societies at Gill Brothers Funeral homes - without a membership.

Because there is so much confusion about cremation societies, we wrote an article: Are organizations like Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota non-profit organizations? Hope this helps!

Does Minnesota Cremation have access to a inexpensive burial option?

Yes, www.minnesotacremation.org has a plan administrated through Gill Brothers Funeral Home (612 861 6088). The “Simply Burial” plan, like “Simply Cremation” is a inexpensive or even what some would call a “green” burial plan.

Simply Burial: $1,700. While this is among our most straightforward and inexpensive options, services and support from our team are very limited. The Simply Burial plan includes: safe and secure transport of a body to one of our three funeral homes, and later to the cemetery of your choice; securing a required state burial permit; and death-certificate filing. Please note this plan includes neither burial casket nor shroud, and does not cover such cemetery services as plot-purchase or grave-opening.

Can I prepay my cremation and get it guaranteed?

The simple answer is yes.  We offer affordable options for preplanning and prefunding your cremation.  We also offer a guarantee.  The simplest way to accomplish this is to contact us to set up a meeting at a time of your convenience.

What does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost?

Simply Cremation Pricing

The "Simply Cremation Plan" or "affordable cremation" is an affordable cremation option offered by Minnesota Cremation.org through various established  time-honored and time tested funeral homes in the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro area. Some would even refer to this service as "cheap". We have several locations you can choose from that will honor our inexpensive, simple cremation plan.

Our Simply Cremation Plan is $1500

With this cremation plan, if you decide to have a service or burial, you may want to arrange the details on your own. This minimizes the involvement of our staff and allows us to offer this low price. Full payment for this service is required at the time of arrangements. Simply Cremation prices are subject to change.

Click to see more information about our affordable cremation package.

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