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Urns for Ashes

Many people use cremation urns for ashes (also called memorial urns). Urns for ashes can come in a variety of prices and materials, such as: brass, stone, wood, marble, and glass. The urns can be used to store the ashes permanently. Or, some choose to use the urns to scatter the ashes, then use the urn as a reminder of their loved ones.

Cremation urns for ashes can be buried in a public or private cemetery - or other private and public locations, such as memorial gardens. A plaque, marker - or even a headstone - can be placed to mark the location.

The cremation urn can also be placed in a columbarium, a structure containing niches for the storage of the urns for ashes, or above grounds in a memorial garden. Or, the cremation urn for ashes can be displayed in a special location of the home - either indoors or outdoors.

An urn for your loved ones can be a truly special way to honor the memory of a life well lived.

Urns for Ashes: Frequently Asked Questions
We have provided answers to some common questions about cremation urns and ashes.

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