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Can I scatter ashes on Mille Lacs?

Scatter ashes Mille Lacs lake in MinnesotaWe just had an interesting question about scattering ashes in a Minnesota lake:

"I would like to scatter ashes on Lake Mille Lacs. Do I need any kind of permit or approval?"

Good question - there are many who would like to scatter loved one's ashes in their favorite Minnesota lake.

The bottom line: there are no regulations for scattering ashes in public lakes in Minnesota. So, there is nothing on the books prohibiting the scattering of ashes - or allowing the scattering of ashes.

So - the policy is basically "don't ask, don't tell." So, you can scatter, just don't give anybody a reason to question your scattering. So, for example:

  • be sure to scatter the ashes well away from any privately-held land
  • scatter the ashes well away from where people will be swimming, fishing, playing or picnicking
  • keep the ashes well away from trails and roads
  • don't put the ashes in marshy areas, as that could interfere with the fish 
  • do not dump the ashes so there is a large pile - try to scatter the ashes
  • the container can not be dumped with the  ashes unless you are using a biodegradable urn designed for scattering, such as the urns that are designed to float, then slowly sink and disintegrate. 

Plus, for your own sake - be sure to watch the direction of the wind while you are scattering the ashes, to ensure the ashes go in the direction you were planning on having them go.

This sounds like a wonderful, memorable way to say your final good-byes.

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