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Cremation Costs: What to Consider

Cremation CostsCremation costs can vary depending on the services you select.  To protect you against hidden costs, Minnesota - and the  FTC (Federal Trade Commission) -  stipulate that you must have all funeral and cremation costs itemized.
Generally, the cost for cremation is less than the cost of a traditional funeral.  Some variables to consider:

  • Funeral costs: you might decide to have a funeral before the cremation. Many often have their remains casketed in a a rental or ceremonial casket with a visitation and or a funeral service prior to the cremation process according to Daniel McGraw from Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Casket costs: A cremation does not require a casket. However, some sort of rigid container is required by Minnesota law. funeral homes and crematories have inexpensive options, such as fiberboard, wood or rental caskets for this.  
  • Urns for ashes: although you will be provided with a cremation ash receptacle, you may want to purchase an urn for ashes to provide a beautiful memorial. These urns can cost anywhere from less than $20 to thousands of dollars.

Related Questions and Answers

When we pass away there will be choices that our family or friends have to make. Having knowledge in advance can save them time, energy, and trouble in their time of sadness. Here’s some information you need to know about the costs of full burial vs. cremation that can help you make informed decisions.

Some of the information provided:

Yes, has a plan administrated through Gill Brothers Funeral Home (612 861 6088). The “Simply Burial” plan, like “Simply Cremation” is a inexpensive or even what some would call a “green” burial plan.

The simple answer is yes.  We offer affordable options for preplanning and prefunding your cremation.  We also offer a guarantee.  The simplest way to accomplish this is to contact us to set up a meeting at a time of your convenience.

Our email system is only monitored during regular business hours. If you have an emergency and need to speak to us, please call us 952-926-3077.

Simply Cremation By Gill Brothers

Simply Cremation Pricing

The "Simply Cremation Plan" or "affordable cremation" is an affordable cremation option offered by Minnesota through various established  time-honored and time tested funeral homes in the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro area.

According to Daniel McGraw of Gill Brothers in Minneapolis, MN, "there is no cost difference between the sizes of adults.  Infants are generally cremated for much less."

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"Simply Cremation" Pricing - a low-cost cremation alternative.

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