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Minnesota Cremation - your questions answered about cremation

Cremation in MNAre you considering a cremation - either to designate for yourself, or for a loved one? You are not alone in considering cremation - Minnesota has one of the highest rates of cremation. Minnesotans appreciate the fact that a cremation in Minnesota can cost less (anywhere from less than 1/2 the price of a traditional funeral - to free if you donate your body to the University of Minnesota for research. Plus,many are looking at cremation as a "greener" choice.

However, cremation is not something that Minnesotans talk about. There are a lot of questions to answer before you can feel comfortable making the decision to sign up for a  cremation - or, as the next of kin, to decide to cremate a loved one in Minnesota. 

Some cremation question areas:

  • what are the laws for cremation - Minnesota and in general
  • what are some typical cremation costs in Minnesota
  • what types of urns for ashes are available
  • where can you get decorative urns for ashes
  • how do you specify in advance that you would like to be cremated in Minnesota
  • how do you dispose of the cremation ashes in Minnesota
  • what is the cremation process in Minnesota
  • what is the history of cremation - Minnesota, America and the world
  • what's in the news for Minnesota cremation
  • what are people's experiences and opinions about cremation

It is for you - or your loved ones - to decide if you want to be cremated. Do you want to be buried, 6 foot under, and let nature slowly take over your body. Or - do you want to be cremated and go up in a brilliant flame - transcended immediately.

Hopefully, this will be a place not only to understand cremation, but to understand the best steps to arrange a cremation in Minnesota.

Peruse our growing assortment of questions about cremations in Minnesota. If you don't find the answer - just ask your questions about cremation in Minnesota - or in general.

We will also be adding various cremation news updates, as well as a blog about Minnesota cremation information to keep you up to date.

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