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Why are cremation rates rising?

Cremation of our loved ones is becoming very common today in the U.S. for many reasons. Whether it be affordability or a gradual acceptance of the process, what was once taboo in America is becoming much more commonplace.  Read more »

Reasons for choosing cremation from Dear Abby

This compilation of 'Dear Abby' comments about the benefits of cremation highlight important (and humorous) reasons to walk away from traditional burial ideas. Cremation is more environmentally friendly than traditional burial, eases the minds of claustrophobic loves ones, creates room in veteran cemeteries (in the wall of honor), and creates the opportunity for your ashes to be kept in artistically made gems and urns.

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Cremation garden uses GPS

Reflection Point is a cremation garden created by Whinery in Oklahoma City. It was built to resemble a park without headstones or monuments. Instead, visitors can find loved ones' ashes at the exact point of burial using a GPS or phone app.

The ashes are buried with a microchip to aid in finding their location. The forest plot is eight acres. There is also a 'scattering' meadow where ashes can be spread and there are plans to build a gathering area there. Whinery has a vision of creating a beautiful place which will comfort those visiting to pay their respects.

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Touring the world - after death

Tracey Patterson had her heart set on traveling the world after she recovered from a lung transplant. Unfortunately, she recently died of complications following the operation.

So - her friends and family are making her dreams come true by scattering her ashes all around the world as a way to memorialize her. And, they find that just visualizing Tracey's ashes in all the places she dreamed of is bringing peace to them.

A park-like scattering ground for cremation ashes

The idea of creating a scattering ground, an area where people could release and scatter the ashes of a loved one, is a new way of saying goodbye to the deceased. Unlike cemeteries, scattering grounds are not subject to strict laws and rules, as long as the ashes are not buried in urns.

The scattering ground would be a park-like environment that is protected forever, would allow privacy, and would be landscaped to provide a peaceful environment.

With the ever-increasing rate of cremation - this sounds like a great idea!


Should we regulate the scattering of ashes?

An environmental company in New Zealand is pushing for a law that would ban the spreading of ashes, except in places where permission has been granted to those spreading the ashes.

This is due to the fact that the Māori people of New Zealand believe that the ashes are sacred, which prevents them from collecting food in areas where ashes are spread.  Read more »

As cremations rise, people are celebrating life with artistic urns for ashes

A new trend seems to be sweeping the nation: artistic cremation urn designs. With the demand for urns for ashes growing, the artists are getting creative and the business in this sector is booming. The range for the material used is a wide one: from textiles to cherry wood.

People would rather get celebrate life with a quality urn, rather than mourn over death with a typical cremation box.

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Find out what the cremation process is - by living through it

Now you can find out what the cremation process is - first hand.

A Chinese theme park has what is called The Samadhi Game - a "death simulator" that allows willing participants to experience the cremation process before death.

For about $40, the participants are placed in a coffin, then experience burning via blasts of hot air and light. Next, they have to get in a white padded area representing the womb to get the feeling of being re-born. Read more »

Why is this man running with cremation ashes?

A Swedish marathon runner and bicyclist, Anders Forselius, has an unusual practice. Starting in 2008, he has carried the cremation ashes of certain deceased strangers on his marathons.

In this way, he allows the deceased persons to vicariously experience adventures their loved ones said they hoped to have in life, such as travelling, running, and climbing mountains. He has run 113 marathons and biked through 33 countries since 1999. 

Superman for an urn for ashes?

What happens once you are cremated? Are your cremation ashes buried in the ground or scattered? Or do you find the cremated ashes cleverly incorporated into an action figure urn.

Providing creative, personalized cremation options is the dream of former funeral director and counselor, Jeff Staab. Due to the wonders of 3-D printing, he is able to crreate super-realistic heads and customizable action figures including "Casual Female", "Male Grey Suit", and "Superman", all customized to the face of your loved one. Read more »

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