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Scattering Ashes in Minnesota

scattering ashesMany people have asked about scattering ashes in Minnesota. So, we thought that we would start a series of videos about the rules and regulations for scattering the cremated ashes.

Scattering ashes in the Boundary Waters

We are starting with Scattering Ashes in the Boundary Waters, as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is one of Minnesota's crown jewels. We will do more investigation about ash scattering in a variety of locations in Minnesota and produce new videos soon.

Related Questions and Answers

Scatter ashes Mille Lacs lake in MinnesotaWe just had an interesting question about scattering ashes in a Minnesota lake:

"I would like to scatter ashes on Lake Mille Lacs. Do I need any kind of permit or approval?"

Good question - there are many who would like to scatter loved one's ashes in their favorite Minnesota lake.

Scattering ashes Minnesota lakeWe received a question on scattering ashes on lakes in Minnesota:

My brother died and requested that I scatter his ashes over a lake just west of Minneapolis. This is not a private lake - it is a public lake. Is this okay to do?

scattering ashes in cemetery in minnesota

The question:

A question was asked about scattering ashes in a cemetery in Minnesota over someone else's grave. Do you need permission to scatter the ashes? And, if that permission is needed, does it come from the cemetery or from a public authority. Also - is there a permit process or paperwork needed.

The answer:

Catholic spreading ashes cremationMany of us would like to scatter the ashes of our loved ones in their favorite places, such as one of Minnesota's beautiful parks, or rivers, or other favorite places.

A quesion was asked: "My sister died in another state and her husband is giving some of the ashes to my sister and I. Is it legal for us to spread those ashes in the cemetery where my parents are buried?"

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