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Urns for Ashes

Many people use cremation urns for ashes (also called memorial urns). Urns for ashes can come in a variety of prices and materials, such as: brass, stone, wood, marble, and glass. The urns can be used to store the ashes permanently. Or, some choose to use the urns to scatter the ashes, then use the urn as a reminder of their loved ones.

Cremation urns for ashes can be buried in a public or private cemetery - or other private and public locations, such as memorial gardens. A plaque, marker - or even a headstone - can be placed to mark the location.

The cremation urn can also be placed in a columbarium, a structure containing niches for the storage of the urns for ashes, or above grounds in a memorial garden. Or, the cremation urn for ashes can be displayed in a special location of the home - either indoors or outdoors.

An urn for your loved ones can be a truly special way to honor the memory of a life well lived.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the dimension of the hole in the ground? How many urns for ashes are permitted in one gravesite?

Each cemetery has its own special rules and regulations. For example, Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis requires an “urn vault” for all the cremains that are buried there. The maximum amount of cremains that Lakewood allows is two. They also have specific graves just for cremated remains, so in those graves, just one. There are other cemeteries that allow up to three sets of cremated remains in what is often referred to as a “traditional” grave.

As of this writing, there appear to be no Minnesota laws stipulating what types of urns for ashes are applicable - so the sky is the limit for  your cremation ashes.

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