You are hereWhat are the laws for spreading ashes in Park Point, Duluth and Two Harbors Lighthouse?

What are the laws for spreading ashes in Park Point, Duluth and Two Harbors Lighthouse?

Scatter ashes Park Point 2 Harbors in Minnesota

A new Minnesota Cremation question was asked:

Both of my parents were born in the Duluth area. I would like to know the laws pertaining to spreading their ashes. My mom wanted to have her ashes spread on Park Point, I would like to spread my dad near the Two Harbors Lighthouse:

Good question. For the most part, there are no laws against spreading ashes in Minnesota and no special permits are needed.

Be aware that since Park Point and Two Harbors are public lands, there are some considerations for respecting the public lands and the people that come to the area:

  • do not scatter the ashes where the public congregates, such as near picnic areas, swimming areas, playgrounds, trails, roads and near sightseeing areas (such as the lighthouse).
  • do not scatter the ashes on nearby privately-held lands.
  • do not add large amounts of ashes in marshy areas, where there could be fish breeding.
  • do not leave any traces behind, so:
    • be sure to scatter the ashes instead of dumping the ashes. Towards that, be aware of the wind's direction.
    • do not leave a large pile of ashes
    • do not leave any type of permanent memorial marker
  • respect the fact that people coming to the parks might be uncomfortable with your ceremony. So, plan on having the ceremony discreetly, away from others.
  • and, of course, be sure you obey the rules of the parks. 

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