You are hereWhat does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost?

What does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost?

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Simply Cremation By Gill Brothers

Simply Cremation Pricing

The "Simply Cremation Plan" or "affordable cremation" is an affordable cremation option offered by Minnesota through various established  time-honored and time tested funeral homes in the Twin Cities Minnesota Metro area. Some would even refer to this service as "cheap". We have several locations you can choose from that will honor our inexpensive, simple cremation plan.

Our Simply Cremation Plan is $1500.

With this cremation plan, if you decide to have a service or burial, you may want to arrange the details on your own. This minimizes the involvement of our staff and allows us to offer this low price. Full payment for this service is required at the time of arrangements. Simply Cremation prices are subject to change.

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Simply Cremation: the affordable no-frills cremation

Low cost cremation

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