You are hereAre organizations like Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota non-profit organizations?

Are organizations like Minnesota Cremation Society or the Cremation Society of Minnesota non-profit organizations?

You hear about organizations like a Cremation Society of Minnesota all the time. Are these organizations non-profit organizations?

The Cremation Society of Minnesota as well as any other "cremation society" organizations, such as the Neptune Society, are licensed for profit funeral homes or funeral chaples that provide cremation services and even traditional funeral services. As an example, the Cremation Society of Minnesota as well as the Minnesota Cremation & Memorial Society are Minnesota licensed funeral homes.

If they are for-profit businesses, why, then, are they called a  "society"? 

This is due to the fact that in the 1800's, the original cremation societies in the United States were reformed-based organizations. However, as future cremation societies were formed, these societies went through a series of transitions to finally morph into the business-based organizations we know today:

  • the original cremation societies started as reform-oriented societies, whose mission was to promote cremation and disseminate information
  •  then, service-oriented cremation societies were created to not only promote cremation, but to build crematories
  •  some assurance-based cremation societies were also created, providing insurance-based cremation to its members
  •  and then, these cremation societies morphed into the current for-profit-based cremation society that we know

So, current business cremation societies start with a group of cremation business associates founding a corporation. This "society" is created for the express purpose of promoting for-profit cremation services through marketing and public relations.

When these business-based societies were originally being formed in the late 1800's and early 1900's, they were challenged to be more reform-based. For example, there were some very diligent efforts by Dr. Erichsen, who spent almost 50 years of his life trying to create cremation societies based on addressing the needs of the public and social reform.

Growth of the cremation society in Minnesota and the United States

The cremation rate for the United States is expected to reach 39%, with Minnesota cremation rates nearing 45%. With this rise in cremations, there has been a corresponding rise in funeral home and cremation society Minnesota and United States businesses. In fact, a quick internet search of cremation society shows over 800,000 results. And, a timeline search for Cremation Society Minnesota and Cremation Society MN shows significant growth since 1990, when Google started tracking the timeline.

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