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Why Are Cremation Rates Rising?

Cremation of our loved ones is becoming very common today in the U.S. for many reasons. Whether it be affordability or a gradual acceptance of the process, what was once taboo in America is becoming much more commonplace. 

Many years ago, cremation was not a popular or desirable option to dispose of a loved one after passing. However, with religious views becoming less strict and the low cost of cremation in comparison to a traditional funeral, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the industry. 

Another reason for the increase is due to the fact that the tradition of families remaining in one town or state is starting to become less feasible. Therefore, people are beginning to choose cremation because of its ease of travel afterwards. Cremation eliminates the restrictions families experience with burial, as their loved-one can easily be transported in an urn.

Although religious views and the ease of travel are very common reasons for choosing cremation, the biggest motivator is still the low cost. Cremation costs are typically half, or in some cases even less than half of the price of a traditional funeral.

Cremation rates have experienced a rise for many years because of the benefits it provides and is expected to continuously see growth in the future. To learn more about the process and an explanation of why more Americans are choosing cremation, we have provided an interesting article. 


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