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Cremation Facts

Are you in Minnesota and thinking about a cremation? There are cremation laws and information that are unique to Minnesota. For example:

Some Minnesota cremation laws

  • specific consent is needed for a cremation
  • if the decision to cremate was not spelled out by the decedent, Minnesota cremation laws stipulate that the next of kin can decide whether to cremate or not
  • You do not have to embalm the body before a Minnesota cremation
  • Minnesota cremation laws also stipulate that the body must be in an appropriate container or on a rigid tray with an impermeable pouch or sheet when delivered to the crematory
  • you cannot cremate a human body if you don't have a license

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Interesting facts about cremation - in Minnesota and in general

  • Minnesota cremation has almost doubled in 10 years, going from a rate of 26.5% in 1998 to 44.6% in 2008.
  • Minnesota is one of the leaders in cremation rates - well over the national average of 35%
  • Minnesota is one of the few states where a water-based alternative to cremation, called alkaline hydrolysis is allowed. Alkaline hydrolysis is a process of dissolving bodies through alkaline hydrolysis, a process that involves heat, water and alkali. The bones that are left are then pulverized (as is done in a traditional cremation), and returned to the next of kin. It is said to be a greener way of cremation.
  • Cremations occurred in the Midwest as early as 1000-500 BC. In Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, and possibly southeastern Minnesota, cremation evidence has been found during the late Archaic period of American human existence.

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