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Cremation Expenses: Related Questions and Answers


Cremation expenses can vary depending on the services you select.  To protect you against hidden costs, Minnesota - and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) - stipulate that you must have all funeral and cremation costs itemized.
Generally, the average price of cremation is less than the cost of a traditional funeral.  Some variables to consider include:

  • Funeral costs: you might decide to have a funeral before the cremation. Many often have their remains casketed in a a rental or ceremonial casket with a visitation and or a funeral service prior to the cremation process according to Daniel McGraw from Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Casket costs: A cremation does not require a casket. However, some sort of rigid container is required by Minnesota law. Funeral homes and crematories have inexpensive options, such as fiberboard, wood or rental caskets for this.  
  • Urns for ashes: although you will be provided with a cremation ash receptacle, you may want to purchase an urn for ashes to provide a beautiful memorial. These urns can cost anywhere from less than $20 to thousands of dollars.

average price of cremation


What are some overall costs and considerations for a full burial vs. cremation?

When we pass away there will be choices that our family or friends have to make. Having knowledge in advance can save them time, energy, and trouble in their time of sadness. Here’s some information you need to know about the costs of full burial vs. cremation that can help you make informed decisions.

Some of the information provided:

  • the number of cremations and burials during the last 50 years which shows how the rate of cremation is going up as the number of burials is going down
  • what relgions allow cremations and what religions allow burial
  • a cost analysis of cremaiton vs. burial

Read the full article here:
Full Burial vs. Cremation: An Infographic on Cost Analysis

Do you need a membership?

No - you do not need to become a member.

Keep in mind that Minnesota cremation societies are licensed, for-profit funeral homes (like all cremation societies in the US). Gill Brothers funeral homes are also licensed funeral homes. So, you are able to get all of the options offered from cremation societies at Gill Brothers Funeral homes - without a membership.

Does Minnesota Cremation have access to an inexpensive burial option?

Yes, Minnesota Cremation does have a plan administrated through Gill Brothers Funeral Home (612 861 6088). The “Simply Burial” plan, like “Simply Cremation” is a inexpensive or even what some would call a “green” burial plan. Please connect with Gill Brothers Funeral Home for pricing information on this service.

Simply Burial: While this is among our most straightforward and inexpensive options, services and support from our team are very limited. The Simply Burial plan includes: safe and secure transport of a body to one of our three funeral homes, and later to the cemetery of your choice; securing a required state burial permit; and death-certificate filing. Please note this plan includes neither burial casket nor shroud, and does not cover such cemetery services as plot-purchase or grave-opening.

Can I prepay my cremation expenses and get it guaranteed?

The simple answer is yes.  We offer affordable options for preplanning and prefunding your cremation.  We also offer a guarantee.  The simplest way to accomplish this is to contact us to set up a meeting at a time of your convenience.

What does a "Simply Cremation" or "affordable cremation" cost?

At Minnesota Cremation, we offere a Simply Cremation plan at $1800.00. Click here to read further deatils on what is included in our Simply Cremation plan. 

What are the costs for transport fees to the cremation location from the death location?

These costs vary. At Gill Brothers, the costs of transferring the body within the 7 county metro area is included in our Simply Cremation package. If the body is over 400 pounds, or if the body is not located with the 7 county metro area, additional charges could occur. Please contact us for more information.

Can you have a simple service at church before the cremation?

Funeral homes, such as Gill Brothers, can work with you to help you have a service at your church. If you want a viewing of the body, we can also help you with that. You might want to think about embalming. If you choose to not embalm the body, the cremation will need to take place within 72 hours after being released.

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