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At MCremation news, cremation services informationinnesota Cremation, we are proud to be a member of the Minneapolis community and continually looking for ways to help connect with the families in the area we serve. As a family owned and operated funeral home, we understand the importance of being active in our community and being able to help connect, educate and inspire others. 

Looking for the latest consumer news about cremations and funerals? Want to know what all the latest trends and reports are saying? Our News and Stories section is all about providing readers with all the exciting news happening in the funeral industry.

We understand that when a loved one is lost; the family relies on us to help them say goodbye with a loving service of remembrance. But after the ceremony ends and long before it begins, there are plenty of opportunities to provide helpful information and services to others. One such place we accomplish this is through the articles shared on this section of our website.

If you have any questions about one of the articles we have shared or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out and connect with us. A member of our team would be happy to speak with you. Have an idea for an interesting news story we should share with others? Please contact us to let us know about it.

Why are cremation rates rising?
Cremation of our loved ones is becoming very common today in the U.S. for many reasons. Whether it be affordability or a gradual acceptance of the process, what was once taboo in America is becoming much more commonplace.
Reasons for choosing cremation from Dear Abby
This compilation of 'Dear Abby' comments about the benefits of cremation highlight important (and humorous) reasons to walk away from traditional burial ideas.
Cremation garden uses GPS
Reflection Point is a cremation garden created by Whinery in Oklahoma City. It was built to resemble a park without headstones or monuments. Instead, visitors can find loved ones' ashes at the exact point of burial using a GPS or phone app.
Touring the world - after death
Hamilton woman's ashes sprinkled around the world.
A park-like scattering ground for cremation ashes
Unlike cemeteries, scattering grounds are not subject to strict laws and rules, as long as the ashes are not buried in urns.
Should we regulate the scattering of ashes?
An environmental company in New Zealand is pushing for a law that would ban the spreading of ashes, except in places where permission has been granted to those spreading the ashes.
As cremations rise, people are celebrating life with artistic urns for ashes
With cremations up, urn artists look for the beauty in death.
Find out what the cremation process is - by living through it
A Chinese theme park has what is called The Samadhi Game - a "death simulator" that allows willing participants to experience the cremation process before death.
Why is this man running with cremation ashes?
A Swedish marathon runner and bicyclist, Anders Forselius, has an unusual practice. Starting in 2008, he has carried the cremation ashes of certain deceased strangers on his marathons.
Superman for an urn for ashes?
What happens once you are cremated? Are your cremation ashes buried in the ground or scattered? Or do you find the cremated ashes cleverly incorporated into an action figure urn.
Stone age cremation found in Britain
Teams in Britain have recently unearthed an example of early human cremation. The deposits contained fragments of bone that were buried within a pit.
Urns for ashes - Frisbee style
Some people choose highly ornate urns for ashes - others choose: Frisbees.
Tell your family you want a cremation (or burial) - before you die
Making arrangements about items such as cremation or burial alleviates the stress on the family when that tragic time comes.
Cremation provider held ashes for ‘ransom,’ according to grieving family
The family was told they needed to pay the bill or they wouldn't receive the ashes.
Cremations now exceed burials in U.S.
According to the National Funeral Directors Association, almost three percent more deaths are resulting in cremation compared to burials.

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